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Chiptuning for car
VW Caddy (2K, 2C) 1.4 (55 kW/75 HP, 126 Nm)

Chiptuning RaceChip for VW Caddy (2K, 2C) 1.4 (55 kW/75 HP, 126 Nm)

Nowadays, car manufacturers build just a few base engines and differentiate the power output via the electronic control unit: the same hardware, but with different software.

We at RaceChip are absolute experts in car tuning software. The data from the ECU is read by our tuning software and individually optimized.

This way, you can enjoy a performance upgrade of up to 30%.

We use only the available power reserves and stay within tolerances, which are important to maintain your engine’s long-term endurance. Existing engine protection systems remain fully intact.

Simple. Tested. Safe. RaceChip.

Tuning motoru vozidla: VW Caddy (2K, 2C) 1.4 (55 kW/75 HP, 126 Nm)

xlr_controller_1024 --30%
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RaceChip XLR 55 kW

+ PS
+ Nm
Up to % fuel savings

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racechip, racechip xlr, tuning --30%
In Stock

RaceChip XLR + App 55 kW

+ PS
+ Nm
Up to % fuel savings

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